On 3/9/09, Peter Steele <pste...@maxiscale.com> wrote:
>> Probably you installed that files _after_ linker.hints is generated,
>> just make sure that they are still compatible with /boot/kernel/kernel
> Perhaps its a matter of the process we're using. I first install the GENERIC
> kernel into the image I am creating:
> export DIST=/mnt/7.0-RELEASE
> pushd ${DIST}/kernels
> ./install.sh GENERIC
> popd
> and then I apply our custom kernel:
> cd ${IMAGE_DIR}/boot
> mv kernel kernel.orig
> cd ${IMAGE_DIR}
> gzip -d < /mnt2/CUSTOM.tgz | tar xvpf -
> The CUSTOM.tgz file was created for me by one of our kernel guys, and I
> checked the archive and there is a new linux.ko file in the archive but no
> linker.hints file. We don't make any changes to linux.ko but it is likely
> being recompiled when the custom kernel is created. So I suspect I can
> ignore this warning but am I missing something in the process. When a new
> kernel is created, is there a new linker.hints file that should be included
> in the tarball?

You can ignore warning or make it go with already mentioned command.
Your kernel guys should already take care for possible ABI breakage :-/
Even if ABI breakage happen, which can cause panic, above warning will not
try to save you from crash.
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