On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:49:18AM -0700, Peter Steele wrote:
>  >Last week I submitted a patch to get this system and subsystem
>  >documented in the manual page of devd.conf. It should be in CURRENT now,
>  >and will be MFC'd to STABLE in a week or so.
>  This looks like exactly what we need, except we're using 7.0, and are
>  too close to releasing 1.0 of our software to make a switch to 7.1
>  now (QA would want to run weeks of testing).

An alternative solution is to run a script from a cron job that checks
for the labeled device and performs the necessary actions if found.

It could mean that you have to wait up to a minute (the minimum
granularity of cron) for the process to start. You have to make sure
that the script fails gracefully if it is started while a previous
instance is still running!

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