Saifi Khan wrote:
Hi all:

i've looked at tuxmobil, etc and i don't want to use
ndiswrapper, or broadcom or additional PCMCIA card at all.

Is there a laptop model (available in market) that experienced
members would like to recommend wherein . the WiFi 802.11 a/g (PCI based) . Ethernet port . and ACPI work absolutely fine with FreeBSD 7.x ?

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HP nc6320 (google RH383ET) - most things work, including wifi and ethernet, except for the following:

- gives a repeated message like acpi_tz0 absurd value ignoring
- dmesg shows dvd drive errors on each boot and later hald-addon-storage will start using 100%cpu till it is killed (I think they are connected but haven't really investigated) - with FreeBSD (latest PCBSD) cpu fan comes on more than it did with windows and battery doesn't last as long
- haven't tested suspend/resume or internal modem.
- don't think the finger print reader or the card reader are recognised.
- build quality is probably not as good as the IBM's

Sorry not to give exact messages, I'm at a different machine but I can give you dmesg etc later if required.


PS don't buy from unless you want to get spammed from them and various associated online shops.
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