Chris Rees wrote:
2009/3/12 Gilles <>:

I'd like to download information from our competitor's web site,
without their knowing it's from us.

The Tor network works fine, but they don't seem to provide a *nix
version, much less a command-line version (the download script will
run  on a non-X FreeBSD 6.3 server).

Do you know of an alternative for FreeBSD, ie. a solution that will
let me connect to a web server through at least one other host, and
have the IP address change automatically every few minutes?

Thank you.

Don't you think it's a bad idea to publish your nefarious intentions
to a PUBLIC mailing list with your name on it? Your 'competitor' will
see this if all s/he does is do a Google search for your name, which
would certainly be easier than scouring their httpd logs.


It probably is, but you're assuming his competitors know that
he works for their competition, and, for that matter, that
"Giles " is his real name, etc., etc.

Campbell's Law:
        Nature abhors a vacuous experimenter.
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