Definitely take a look at the /usr/home directory like Mehul stated. Try something like this to get a list of large files in that file system:

find /usr -type f -size +50M -exec ls -la {} \;


find /usr/home -type f -size +50M -exec ls -la {} \;

The above commands will print out a list of files above 50 Megs.

Also, you might have large log files lying around the file system taking up space.

-- Jacques Manukyan

Mehul Ved wrote:
On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Warren Liddell <> wrote:
Thanks that gave me what i needed .. now i goto figure out what i can del an
what not to .. never had a prob with / filling up before *g*

enterprise# du -h -d 1 /
537G    /usr
538G    /

Pretty easy to figure out where the problem is. I guess I'd check
/usr/home next.

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