- The general archivers can compress the wav somewhat without loss, but
 none do as well as the dedicated lossless compression program flac.
- Trying to compress mp3, ogg and flac files further is a waste of time.
- If you want smaller files, use lossy compression like mp3 or ogg
 vorbis, and pick the lowest quality level that sounds acceptable to you.

i did actual hearing blind-tests with 4 people that title themself "audiophile", on their hardware THEY tell have excellent sound output (actually it was really good for me).


lame -h -V 3 - nobody could tell the difference, it gives <200kbps bitrate
lame -h -b 192 - as above
lame -h -b 128 - they were able to tell difference, but not on all music/songs

lame -h -b 96 - i was able to tell the difference on every song, but it wasn't really huge deal.
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