> I'm aware of the fact that there are adaptors (adapters?) do
> plug a standard PS/2 keyboard (and mouse) into an USB port.
> Do I have to pay attention to get a specific device or are
> they that simple (wired) that any will do?

I don't know about the others, but the adapter delivered by Dell work

> Additionally, I'm aware that there are some "vice versa
> adaptors" to plug an USB mouse into a PS/2 port. I already
> know that this will only work if the PS/2 mouse does also

I beleive you mean the USB mouse, as the adpater is to plug a USB
mouse into a PS2/port :)

> support USB protocoll (or something similar), or do I confuse
> this with the older PS/2 to serial (9 pin) adaptors where
> only few mice could be used?


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