> On an 80-conductor cable:
> Pri. Master:  IBM 40GB drive, at highest UDMA mode
> Pri. Slave:           Maxtor 20GB drive, at highest UDMA mode
> On a 40-conductor cable:
> Sec. Master:  HP CD-Writer+ 9100i, PIO4 mode
> Sec. Slave:   Liteon CD-ROM, PIO4 mode

Well, I tried the configuration above and the install
still froze on the CD-Writer.  I guess it's because
the CD-Writer is too old and the CD-ROM too new to be
on the same cable.  Any other ideas to work around
this problem short of buying new hardware?  Would
using an 80-conductor cable on both hard drives and
cd-rom/writer help?

The reason I don't want to focus on getting a new
cd-writer yet or an ata/ide controller is because I
plan on getting a whole new motherboard with more pci
slots.  Having just 3 isn't working out too well for me.

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