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On Friday, 28 February 2003 at 16:07:55 -0600, kitsune wrote:
> Would this be a problem with the hardware, kernel, or what?
> What is happening is I mount /dev/ad2s1e and them move files to it
> from /dev/ad0s1e. It will go nicely for a second or two then I will
> get a kernel panic. I also risk getting a kernel panic if
> /dev/ad2s1e is even mounted. I have had trouble with this befor but
> did not look to closely into it. The first time I had this problem
> was when I tried mounting what is now /dev/ad0s1e from
> /dev/ad2s1e. That drive works nicely on /dev/ad0s1e but did the same
> thing as this new drive is doing when I tried to put it on
> /dev/ad2s1e. I managed to create the fs and ect succesfully on the
> drive when it was mounted on /dev/ads1e originally and manage to
> write a bit to it, but if I tried to move or write any thing large
> to it would kernel panic just like this new one is doing.
> the error message I get is something along the lines of...
> "Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode"
> a few more lines none of which I remember  :(
> then something like
> "interupt:    bios"
> a few more lines which I don't remember too

I don't recall what the solution is, either.

If you want help with this kind of problem, you need to supply
evidence.  Otherwise people won't bother to help.  We don't even know
what version of FreeBSD you're talking about here.

In general, if you get a panic, you need to provide a dump to find out
what's going on.  For it to be any use, you should ensure that you
have a kernel with debugging symbols.  There used to be a section on
this in the handbook, but I can't find it any more.  There's stuff in
the upcoming edition of "The Complete FreeBSD", but it won't be out
soon enough to help you, so I've put a condensed version up at:

  http://www.lemis.com/texts/panic.txt   (ASCII)
  http://www.lemis.com/texts/panic.ps    (PostScript)
  http://www.lemis.com/texts/panic.pdf   (PDF)

This is pretty rough, but it should give you an idea of what to do.
If you find anything wrong with the text, please let me know.

Don't count on a dump being enough.  Check your log files for any
messages which might help.  And remember, the more work you do to help
people help you, the more likely you are to get help.

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