I have compiled OpenOffice 1.0.2 using the ports (first the English and then 
the Portuguese one). Everything worked fine aparently. Afterwards I found out 
that I am unable to type very commum specific Portuguese accents such as   
 (absolutely nothing happens when I press the keys) etc...

This is rather odd since everywhere else on FreeBSD 5 I have NO trouble at all 
with accents or the keyboard layout.

I later found out that this problem only happens if i run OpenOffice inside 
KDE 3.1.  If I open OO it in Gnome 2.2 I am perfectly able to use accents.

Obviously I have changed all keyboard options in KDE's Control Panel to 
Portuguese and workstation reinstalled OO. But I still have the same trouble!

Why is this so? Any answers to solve this?

Thank You,
Hugo D. Valentim

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