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On Mon, 16 Mar 2009 12:18:06 -0500
Charles Howse <cho...@charter.net> wrote:

I just installed 6.4-RELEASE on the way to -STABLE.
I chose NOT to install the ports during installation.
I configured /etc/portsnap.conf, uncommenting the REFUSE directives,
because I only speak English.

I created the proper directories, including /usr/ports.
I ran 'portsnap fetch extract', and now I find arabic, chinese,
french, german, hebrew, hungarian, etc. in my ports tree.

What might be the problem here?

Are these directories actually populated with ports?

If not, my guess is that it's simply ignoring ports that match the
category, rather than removing the category entirely.

I checked the chinese, and yes, there are ports as well as the makefile etc. under the port.
Looks completely normal as if I wasn't using REFUSE.

If you look at the /etc/portsnap.conf file, the lines look like this:
# REFUSE this that t'other
# REFUSE some more stuff

I just deleted the '#' and left the space at the beginning of the line.
Surely that wouldn't fubar it, would it?
I'll try again and remove the leading space, but I'n not optimistic.

Is the portsnap author a member of this list?

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