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On Friday, 28 February 2003 at 19:03:03 -0600, kitsune wrote:
>>> Where would I find those log files at?
>> /var/log.
> Cool, I see there where no other dirs I was forget about then for
> logs. But after looking throught there there was nothing use any
> ways.
> Any ways since ye wanted proof, why I would care to fake it I do not
> know, I am inserting the out put from dmesg... 

How do you expect that to help?

> and after looking into kernel dumps, afaik that would be useless to
> me since from what little info I found has told me there is a nice
> chance I won't understant it.

In that case you're out of luck.  I told you what to do.  You chose to
do something else.

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