Just wondering if anyone is running FreeBSD 7.1 on a Dell PowerEdge 850
with SATA raid, I have 5.4 installed on one now, because there was a
problem with the Intel ich5 sata chipset on 6.x branch at the time I
built the server.  I don't remember the error message, but I believe the
problem had something to do with the chipset not returning a command
that FreeBSD was waiting for so it would hang on boot trying to mount
the hard drives.  It was quite annoying though in that the entire
installation runs but then it fails to boot after the restart.  Which is
why I was hoping someone else could tell me if FreeBSD 7.1 will run
before I wipe out the existing 5.4 installation.


In case it helps here is the output about the chipset from pciconf -lv


pc...@pci0:30:0:        class=0x060401 card=0x00000050 chip=0x244e8086
rev=0xe1 hdr=0x01

    vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'

    device   = '82801BA/CA/DB/DBL/EB/ER (ICH2/3/4/4-L/5/5R), 6300ESB Hub
Interface to PCI Bridge'

    class    = bridge

    subclass = PCI-PCI



     Dean Weimer

     Network Administrator

     Orscheln Management Co.


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