On Mar 19, 2009, at 9:15 AM, Jaime wrote:
I have a DLT tape drive in a FreeBSD system.  With one of the tapes, I
can get "tar -cvpf /dev/sa0 -C / ." to work.  With all the other
tapes, I can't.

Is there some kind of formatting process that I need to do?  I tried
"mt fsf 1" from this page:

What's the SCSI controller that you're using, and which version of the OS are you running? What's "mt status" say? Can you try "mt blocksize 0", "mt rewind", "mt weof 2", "mt rewind" and then retry tar?

Try changing your blocksize via tar's -b flag to 32, 64, 126, or 128 blocks. FreeBSD doesn't expose enabling/disabling hardware compression or tuning compression levels via the device name used (ala Solaris' /dev/rmt/0ubn for example), so you'll need to look to "mt blocksize" and "mt comp" to adjust, otherwise you'll get whatever default behavior the device is set to. In most cases, the device will want a fairly large blocksize in order to keep streaming the tape.

(I've used both Quantum DLT and sDLT drives with FreeBSD 5.x & 6.x on various Adaptec & LSI MegaRAID SCSI controllers-- mostly Dell, some HP boxen....)


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