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Hi all,

About a year ago, I setup MySQL 5.0.45 on a FreeBSD 6.x box (64 bit). I read at the time that the use of pthreads with FreeBSD would significantly improve performance, but as I was running the 64 bit version of FreeBSD, I could not use them.

Fast forward to today - a different setup and new opportunity has allowed me to research this combination again. This time, some reading I have done on the use of FreeBSD 7 with MySQL has shown significant performance increases, but none of them really mention in detail how MySQL was setup.

I decided to install a 64 bit version of FreeBSD 7.x (to address the 8 GB RAM in the box) and attempt to build with pthreads enabled, as well as a static build and optimized compiler options. Once again, got the error/warning in ports that the linux pthreads only works with the i386 32 bit setup.

So I'm wondering if anyone here has successfully seen a MySQL 5.x performance boost with FreeBSD 7 compared to that of FreeBSD 6 on a 64 bit architecture, and if so, what they did to enable that boost.


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