>       I have a Dell Poweredge 2300/350 machine that I'm trying to
> install 5.0-RELEASE on via the CD. I'm getting an unusual error that my
> searches have revealed very little on (seems to be a problem a lot of
> laptop users get, although this is a 6U server).
> pci_cfgintr_search: linked (63) to configured irq 14 at 0:8:0
> pci_cfgintr: 0:7 INTD routed to irq 14

I had a similar problem (booting halted after "INTx routed to irq
something" message) when trying to boot an old IBM Netfinity 3500 
server with the 5.0-RELEASE CD. What solved it for me was re-enabling 
the serial ports in BIOS, which I had disabled and removed from my 4.7 

I guess that if you have some unneeded hardware which you have disabled 
in BIOS but which exists in 5.0 GENERIC kernel then enabling it in BIOS 
may help.
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