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I'm sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place, but I have tried elsewhere and go no response.

I want to install wine, but without X on the system.
Why would you expect this to be possible?  The GUI is an integral part
of MS Windows ... I can't imagine how wine would work at all without X
installed -- which is probably why you're not getting any answers.

Perhaps you should back up and consider what you're trying to accomplish.
If you don't need a GUI, then what programs do you expect to run under
wine, and is there some better way to get them?

Thanks for your reply

I know this is possible because I have seen discussion of it in Linux and wine forums. I'm just too inexperienced to know which bits of the instructions are OS-specific, and what other nightmares I might face. I might be able to figure it all out by weeks of trial and error, but that seems crazy if someone has been there before me!

As for why I want it to run, that is because the application I want to run is a bolt-on to a specific bit of rendering software that we use, and there really is no viable non-Windows replacement in our situation - believe me, if there was, I'd be using it. (In case you care, we are talking about Vray for Rhino, which we use because we use Rhino, and because we use Rhino we chose RhinoCAM, and because we chose RhinoCAM I spent weeks writing software to make it talk to our CNC equipment, whose controller is inextricably Windows-based... you get the picture!)

In answer to the other replies (thanks to you guys too):

Yes, wine is fine with just the command prompt. It is somewhat confusing in that it offers a thing called wineconsole, but ironically that *does* appear to require X. Just using wine without X is fine, so long as the app does not attempt to open any sort of window, system tray etc.

As for the 'cluttering' - I'm not so worried about disk space, that's cheap these days. It's more a question of updating ports. When I once made the mistake of installing X and various other things I turned out not to need, the process of updating everything became a nightmare - stuff breaking because I hadn't read the updating info for a bunch of fonts or something stupid like that. Multiply that by 3 servers, and, well, no thanks!

wineconsole app seems working fine in terminal with no X at all. I ran it like this:
./wineconsole --backend=curses cmd

OK thanks, I stand corrected (just shows how unreliable GOOGLING sometimes is!) If/when I can get this working I will check out wineconsole, though as I said, the app I want to run has no visible output at all, console or otherwise - it just talks to the main renderer over the network, but (dammit) is a Windows binary.

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