Paul Schmehl wrote:

So, you *could* do this:
su - to root
Download the wine tarball and untar it
Go in to the wine directory and type the following, in order:
./configure --without-x
make depends
make install

That will install wine on your system without X. Figuring out how to get your rendering binary to run is an exercise for you. :-)

I left wine without x installed on my system. If you have questions, I *may* be able to help.

Can I ask one more possibly really dumb question, to which I can find no answer: Is there a 'conventional', or sensible for one reason or another, place to download application source to? Presumably you don't want it mixed up in the ports distfiles, or in the system's source directory. I know this sounds very silly, and the answer might be 'wherever you like', but I do like to learn the conventions which usually have good reasons behind them.
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