Anders Holmström wrote:
did you try
Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"

in Serverlayout section under screen, keyboard, mouse?

I was  told by a guy on the forums that I should put
machdep.disable_mtrrs=1 in my /boot/loader.conf. Apparently he had had
the same problem and he said it was because he had more than 2 gigs of
ram. He had solved it by that setting, and later by simply removing
the ram. I have 4 gigs, and the setting did work for me. HOWEVER, now
that I startx it's impossible to move the mouse/use the keyboard. It
also complaints about not being able to locate driver "kbd" and driver
"mouse", plus mentions AllowEmptyInput as the culprit. I tried
disabling it but it in xorg.conf, but didn't help on the input device
issue. X still started though.

I didn't think the two were related, but based on your post I guess
they are. You could (or somebody else) possibly enlighten me a bit
more about the relationship, or point me in the right direction? man
xorg.conf didn't give much info.

i am not sure about the machdep setting there so i cc'd the mailing list maybe someone else can help you there. about the AllowEmptyInput however, there is some info in ports/UPDATING round about when xorg was updated because I am not sure if you said you disabled the mouse from xorg config instead of moused in etc/rc.conf ( if that is what you said). i have moused_enable="NO" in etc/rc.conf and add Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off" in right after a Xorg -configure. also, i think you have to test cuz ppl get different setting to work depending their hardware, but i have had similar problem as you
with moused enabled and AllowEm...added. ( i have only 1gb memory fyi)
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