Grant Peel wrote:
Hi all,

We have (finally) made the decision to move our server (10 -Dell) from
Toronto to a newer data center closer to our office in London.

Before I ask this question, I would like to ensure everyone I will be
reading all the docs I can find, but since the upgrade will be much
work, I thought I would ask the question here anyways :-)

Question: given the items below, should I expext the make and build of
FreeBSD and the software below, to go pretty much as it did in 6.x?
(Does anyone know of any showstoppers)?

All software below has/will be built from ports.


10 Dell 1U Rack servers (Intel Based, SCSI) more or less standard entry
level servers)
All running
-FreeBSD 6.x,
-Apache 2.2.x
-Mysql Server 4.x
-PHP 4.x
-Perl 5.x
-Exim 4.6x
-Spamassassin etc etc



I did much similar with NO issues.
HOWEVER. I 'upgraded' to MySQL 5.x
5 is considerably slower than 4. Do not move to 5 unless/until you need
the journaling features (and other features) of 5.

Otherwise, your transition should be seamless.

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Jim Pazarena
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