manish jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I am migrating from Linux and am still learning the basics of FreeBSD.
> One thing that I would to carry over from my Linux days is to force an
> fsck on all filesystems at system startup. On Linux, this was simply a
> matter of editing /etc/rc.sysinit. Things seem a bit more complicated
> in the BSD world. Can somebody please point me in the right direction ?

man fsck
Traditionally, fsck is invoked before the file systems are mounted and all
     checks are done to completion at that time.  If background checking is
     available, fsck is invoked twice.  It is first invoked at the
     time, before the file systems are mounted, with the -F flag to do
     ing on all the file systems that cannot do background checking.

Also, you can set this in /etc/rc.conf
if you want to automatically run 'fsck -y' ... handy for remote servers.

Oh, and if you use ZFS, there is no such thing as 'fsck'.  That file
system never needs fsck.  :)  If you want less fsck headaches on a big
disk system, make the large partion (/home ?) ZFS.


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