Juan Miscaro wrote:
> Hi gang,
> I'm running a remote 6.2 system which recently got shut down
> unexpectedly (tower was physically nudged and apparently lost power).
> I am running a 2-disk striped array with the geom_stripe.ko module.
> So my fstab line is
> /dev/stripe/st0a        /data           ufs     rw,acls         2       2
> Thing is, the /dev/stripe directory no longer exists.  The system was
> running for well over 2 years with several reboots in there.  I have a
> lot of data that I want to recover on these 2 disks.  Is there any way
> to regain access to the data?  I can' t seem to find anything unusual
> in the logs.

You need to see if the drives that have made the array still exist and
are accessible. See if they are recognized in dmesg - maybe a cable was
knocked out from one of them.

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