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2009/3/31 ajeesh joseph <ajeeshjos...@in.com>:
>  hello,I have tried the way how you suggested. But unfortunately iam getting 
> same error.today
> i tried to install by plugging HDD as primary master and cdrom and primary 
> slave.I tried
> to install.During install a new problem of /dev/ad0s1a on /mnt : input/output 
> error appears,,can
> you help me in solving this so that i can install freebsd.


Your original configuration was hard drive as Primary Master, and CD
as Secondary Master. Are you using 80-conductor cables?

80 conductor: http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/if/ide/z_000553idecable80.jpg
40 conductor: 

The 40 conductor ribbons sometimes throw up problems in strange times
and places, an effect I observed when installing FreeBSD on my Xbox.

Also, the 80-conductor cables often support CS jumper settings; try
setting both jumpers to cable select, and plug the 80-conductor cable
in with the labelled ends into the correct drives.

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