installing FreeBSD 5.0- or 4.7-RELEASE on my new hardware turns out to be
quite impossible.

The system consists of an EPoX EP-4GEA+ mainboard with Intel Celeron 2GHz
(which is recognized as a Pentium 4 with HTT ???) and 512MB DDR266-RAM.
2 IBM DTLA-307075 are controlled by a HighPoint 372 onboard RAID controller
as a RAID-1-array on IDE channel 3 and 4.
Besides the on-board RealTek 8139B for DSL (later :-) a 3Com 905B is used
for 100MBit-LAN.

The BIOS settings were left on safe defaults, except for disabling the
on-board 1394 and SATA interfaces.

The system boots from floppy (the SCSI-controller and CD-ROM are still in
the productive server) and mounts the server via NFS.

I chose the following partitions on a dedicated disk ar0 in this order:
a:  /     250MB
b:  swap  500MB
d:  /var  200MB
e:  /usr    3GB
f:  /src    7GB
g:  /big 60.5GB

After walking through the menus for custom installation it starts making
5.0 issues a message which I cannot read as it is quickly overwritten
(nothing on VT2 though).

During installation of the distributions (X-Developer) the system freezes
(never at the same point) with the HDD light on (no audible disk activity).

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to make the system work???


Dr. Robert Eckardt    ---    [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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