personally id use rsync over tar, make sure you use the numeric-ids option though

Also you could probably do something like to make sure the disk labels are the same

bsdlabel ad0s1 | rsh X " bsdlabel -W ad0s1 0"

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
Hello list,

I have installed and configured a FreeBSD system based on 7.1-RELEASE (not that it matters so much) and I want a way in which I can duplicate this on
several other machines.
What is the easiest and the simplest way? Please consider the K.I.S.S

boot liveCD, allow rsh on one machine (.rhosts etc) and do on each new.

clean beginning of disk:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad0 bs=64k count=1

make labels as you wish
bsdlabel -w ad0
bsdlabel -e ad0

(replace ad0 with something different if it is, or maybe more drives)

if you use gmirror/gstripe whatever do it here.

2) bsdlabel -B ad0 (install bootrecord)
perform newfs on each partition with options you like

mount target root partition on /mnt, make subdirs for other partitions (if any), mount others under /mnt/subdir

3) rsh -l installedmachine "tar --one-file-system -cf - / /otherpartition /anotherpartition"|tar -C /mnt -xpvf -

this will copy all files.

be sure to specify all mountpoint in tar -cf - ...

4) edit all needed files like /mnt/etc/rc.conf

5) /sbin/reboot -q

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