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On Tue, 31 Mar 2009, Chuck Robey wrote:

Andrew Wright wrote:

The primary advantage of using svn is that the _server_ uses a
different protocol to track objects.

I think that's unclear, you can't mean that just having the protocol be
different, that's not that much of a win.  Having svn track extra things, like
directories, that I'd think was a win.

I chose the word protocol poorly.  For "protocol" read "way of
doing things", or perhaps "algorithm".

What I was trying to make clear is that the choice of tool between
cvs and svn is made based on server related criteria.

What I don't know is, I use cvsup all the time, but when I switch to svn, what
does the "cvsup" job of tracking an archive (not tracking the sources, I mean
the archive)?  Does svn do it all itself?  If so, I can find out how, I just
want to know if that's how its done.  If not, what's the general tool used to
track the freebsd archive, so I can investigate it?

If you are asking "what is the name of the subversion client, and how
can I use it?", then the answer is "svn" (which is also the executable
used for the server, a la cvs with the "pserver" option).  Usage
instructions are available via:

If you are asking "what can I type to get a readonly copy of the
repo?", then according to the ROADMAP.txt at:
the answer appears to be:
        svn co http://svn.freebsd.org/base/head

Strong Caveats:
 o One of the peculiarities of subversion is that if you
   leave off the "head" portion of the URL, you will get _all_ of
   the nodes in the repository -- that is, the history at every point.

 o As I mentioned earlier, this will produce a newly checked out working
   space that is incompatible with cvsup (or cvs in general).

 o ***Early Adopter Warning***: There has not been (as far as I know) a
   general call for people to move to this type of repository access except
   for committers -- therefore expect rough edges until a general announcement
   is made.


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