I reveal my ignorance: why does this work to delete the package

       # pkg_delete -f /var/db/pkg/py24-gobject*

while 'pkg_delete  py24-gobject*' did not?

Would the latter have done the trick if issued from the /var/db/pkg
directory itself?

In any event your solution does seem to have worked.

Thank you for helping.

Have a good day--


> and then install the updated version. As long as the update doesn't
> break any library version numbering, and the functionalities from the
> previous versions are still intact, there won't be a problem.
> Finally, if you're using portupgrade, make sure to correct the
> dependencies:
>        # pkgdb -aF
> But note that if this procedure fails, you will usually have to deinstall
> the depending software and then start allover again, this will lead you
> finally to updated programs, as well as an updated py25-gobject (as a
> dependency).
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