Has anyone bench-marked the performance improvements associated with
 various ubsec models in conjunction with OpenSSL cryptodev acceleration
 of geli(4) in the kernel?

 I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm a pilgrim on unholy land here.

 I'm precluding hifn(4), padlock(4), and gblx(4), which are nice for
 offsetting low power CPUs on embedded platforms, from my question, and
 assuming that the only supported SSL accelerator that will actually
 'compliment', as oppose to 'hinder' a multi-core Xeon system, when
 offloaded, is ubsec(4)?



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> It turns out that on a multi-core machine a geli thread is started on
> each core for each disk (4 cores, two disks):

and it is actually used when many transfers are done in parallel.

my core2duo saturates (both cores 100% load) at about 100MB/s disk I/O
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