Hello all! I'm running a stable version of FreeBSD and all my PC
components were correctly recognized. All except one: a Terratec Tvalue
Radio with both television and radio tuner. That card is based on
chipset Brooktree 878 and Philips tuner. I've installed the bt848/878
driver that already were in my system, added entry on the kernel conf
and made the node exactly as I've read in the man pages. Then, after
reboot, I've seen that a bt878 chip were found on bkt0 device. Then I've
installed fxtv and I've seen images, but without audio. I've installed
some fmradio application but i cannot hear any sound!
Sorry, but now I cannot get the dmesg output, this post is just for
attempt to see if someone have correctly configurated the same card
under FreeBSD.
As I can, I'll post the dmesg's output.

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