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Andrew Hamilton-Wright wrote:
> Sorry to follow-up my own note, but . . .
> On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Andrew Wright wrote:
> [ further snippage of previous note ]
>> Strong Caveats:
>> o ***Early Adopter Warning***: There has not been (as far as I know) a
>>   general call for people to move to this type of repository access
>> except
>>   for committers -- therefore expect rough edges until a general
>> announcement
>>   is made.
> I would further urge you to read:
>     http://svn.freebsd.org/viewvc/base/projects/GUIDELINES.txt?view=markup
> for an overview of the information used by the committers, and will
> further add:
> Even Stronger Caveat:
>  o The "head" revision translates to something like "current" looking
>    around in
>        http://svn.freebsd.org/viewvc/base/
>    will show you that there are directories other than "head" from
>    which branching is done.  Some perusal of the svn manual and poking
>    around in the repository may help you track "current", but there
>    isn't anything in place yet to let you track "stable", for instance.

I appreciate the URLs, but I think you're misinterpreting what I was asking.
First, your comment about "isn't anything in place yet to let you track
"stable",", That's not true.  You could do this in cvsup, but seeing as I always
cvsup the complete FreeBSD cvs archive, I would just do a checkout from my
present archive using the stable branch I was interested.  Do a "cvs status -v"
of /usr/src/Makefile to get a complete listing of the names and numbers for all
of the tags and branches you can checkout.  In cvs, such things are sticky, so
following a particular branch is no trick at all.  Of course, clearing sticky
tags/dates/branches that you set is equally easy to do.

I can't figure out why you were telling me that stuff about HEAD and other
branches.  I think you my be wrong is what I *think* you said, you can branch
any directory you want, at all.  You can even branch a branch.  Branches go
against files, and cvs is rather stupid about directories.  That's actually one
of the things I like about svn, it knows about directories.  I just need to know
how to go about grabbing & updating FreeBSD's entire subversion archive.  Once I
grab that archive, I can play at my will, affecting no one else, I think (like 

What I was really after was a way to fetch the FreeBSD subversion archive.  I
already have a correct cvs-supfile to use with cvsup, to allow me to do daily
updates of my cvs archive.  If I found out how to get the subversion one
instead, I guess I would stop tracking the cvs archive.  I don't know  if I'd
use something like cvs2svn to convert my present archive, or just fetch the new
archive from scratch, I need to see what's the recommended way to go.

But I do need to figure out how to get the subversion archive (not a particular
branch of the archive, the whole kit and kaboodle).

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