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> Hello,
> I tried to get an answer to this via web searches etc.  I have a
> freebsd 7 box that I plan on upgrading remotely via 
> Make buildworld
> Make buildkernel KERNCONF=xyz
> Now im stuck,  I cannot get it down to single user because I only have
> access via ssh.  Would it hurt to 
> Make installkernel KERNCONF=xyz
> Make installworld
> Mergemaster etc.
> Reboot
> ?

Don't forget a 'mergemaster -p' too before installing.

Officially running installworld in multi-user mode isn't supported
because although it usually works, it can fail.  What I do when
upgrading over ssh is to kill off everything except sshd and essential
things like ppp so as little as possible is left that could cause
problems - that includes cron and syslogd.  I've never had any problems
but I know it's discouraged because you could be left with a broken
system if something does go wrong.

Bruce Cran
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