I am trying to rip a part of a DVD to my hard drive on my RELENG_7 machine
(as of February 19, 2009)
using mencoder. I have '/dev/cd0    /home/mnt/cdrom    cd9660
ro,noauto    0    0' in /etc/fstab and the
following two lines in /etc/devfs.conf:
own    /dev/cd0    root:operator
perm    /dev/cd0    0660

I mount the DVD to ~/mnt/cdrom and run gmplayer to see if it can play the
DVD. Right-clicking on the
MPlayer-Video window and selecting Preferences-->Misc, I have set "DVD
device" and "CD-ROM device"
(the last two lines) to /dev/cd0 (otherwise it won't even recognize the
drive). Then, by right-clicking on
MPlayer-Video, I select 'DVD-->Open disc...' and it shows some information
about the DVD (like the number
of chapters, audio streams, subtitles, etc.) in the terminal window from
which gmplayer was run and then
nothing happens except a non-stop hard drive activity. I suspected something
and checked /var/log/messages.
The following two lines are being constantly, non-stop added to
Apr  1 17:04:30 rsx4 kernel: ata3: FAILURE - non aligned DMA transfer
Apr  1 17:04:30 rsx4 kernel: acd0: setting up DMA failed
and I can't even close (or kill -9, for that matter) gmplayer. If I shut
down X, then I see a constant stream
of the previous two lines on the screen as the text-mode is coming up; there
is no command prompt. If I let
it continue, finally the /var partition will fill up. Also, even after
logging out of X, the gmplayer process is
still running and cannot be killed. Using Alt-F2 to switching to other
terminals becomes painfully slow and
at some point it stops responding. The only way is to reboot the system.
Note that it doesn't crash or panic
or anything. I just can't type anything after a while because of all these
error messages...

I have these two lines in /boot/loader.conf
in my first try. After the first failed attempt and reboot, googling around
led me to change the last line to
to no avail.

I would like to, at least, play this DVD, so I'd appreciate any
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