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> Im chasing an application that basically does the same thing Windows 
> Nero Vision does but naturally on FreeBSD .. is there such an 
> application or is it something thats command line based ?

I am very happy with the folowing:
ffmpeg for transform the avi into dvd mpeg
mencoder to get the stream from an original dvd
dvdstyler for dvdauthoriting....

supose you have an avi file  (mpeg4 for video, mp3 for sound)
        ffmpeg -i movie.avi  -target ntsc-dvd -aspect 16:9 -acodec mp2
-ab 192k -ac 2 -y movie.mpg
this result in an avi movie.mpg ready to build the DVD

Dvdstyler  than builds the menu (for dvdauthor)... and create an iso
image, or a directory with VIDEO_TS directory, 
that a program called growisofs can make the DVD.   
ex: growisfos -dvd-video -Z /dev/cd0

Using totem-xine (in the ports) you can take snapshots of the video and
build the "background" for the dvd menus...

if you use gnome, you can drag & drop the directory into the
nautilus_cd_burner... and make your DVD

Far easy than NERO... and the quality is icredible... the lavc codecs
are awesome...

If you want to "mess"  with avimovies, thatn avidemux2 is your way to
you can cut, copy, past, convert, movies using it

To make or edit the subtitles, use gnome-subtitles.. 

to insert the subtitles in the mpeg stream use spumux (in the dvdauthor

If you only want to "copy" a "comercial" DVD (that have 7GB) into an
writeable dvd, thatn K9copy is your way...

I have all here compiled in 64 bits and works llike a charm....

Hope it can help.

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