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>  Hello,,,
> I think it is because of the firmware of the dvd player transfer
> more than the buffer says it is available, or transfer data not
> in a word/page boundary....
> Basically when you are trying to play a protect dvd with some
> kind of protection...
> You are right, turn the dma to 0 (off) and play again....
> or....
> turn the dma to off, put the dvd in the drive,
> use the program K9copy (in the ports) to extract the DVD data .
> put a blank writable dvd in the drive, and write it back
> the problem will go away, and you now have an
> unprotected copy of the dvd....
> Sergio

I've played another DVD which, I'm 100% sure, had copy protection in the
same drive without any errors, but that was before upgrading my machine from
7.0-RELEASE to RELENG_7 on Feb 19, 2009. This DVD, however, does not play
and gives that error. Also, I have already turned the hw.ata.atapi_dma to
"0", but that didn't help either. I'm a bit skeptical about it being the
copy protection of the disc.

Any more ideas?
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