Hi FreeBSD Team,


I am implementing a stackable file system similar to NULLFS and I have question 
on VOP_RENAME_APV function.


In VOP_RENAME_APV function:


VOP_RENAME_APV(struct vop_vector *vop, struct vop_rename_args *a)


        int rc;



        if (vop->vop_rename != NULL)

                rc = vop->vop_rename(a);


                rc = vop->vop_bypass(&a->a_gen);


        vop_rename_post(a, rc);

        return (rc);



I want to know that what is the importance of vop_rename_post function. 
Actually I returned "EXDEV" from my file system, but still vop_rename_post  
function is doing rename operation.


I want to know whether it is having default implementation of rename 
functionality, can I use this function for rename operation directly because I 
do not have anything new to do in rename functionality.


Please let me know, Is there any document which will talk how to write 
filesystem in FreeBSD environment? 


Thanks in advance,


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