(no luck on the multimedia list . . . so, I'm trying here)

    Well, I've got amarok running with 7.1-RELEASE and my question concerns
amarok's interaction with an ipod. I am able to transfer music from my
computer to the ipod and can play music that's on the ipod on amarok, but
the quality, in both cases is quite poor. There is a lot of skipping,
repetition, and general distortion.  The songs sound fine from their source
(i.e., the transferring device). I've been looking around (google, mailing
list archives, etc.), but I don't see any suggestions. I'm hoping you may
provide some guidance.

 Also, when I quit amarok, it doesn't appear to fully shutdown. It will get
to a point in the process and just hang. If I press enter after several
seconds of waiting, I get back to my prompt. The point at which it hangs is
not consistent.

Do you need a dmesg or anything?


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