dev = twed0s1d, block = 1, fs = /archive
panic: ffs_blkfree freeing free block

looks like ffs related panic, not ZFS.

something is completely wrong here.

cpuid = 1
Uptime = 11m23s
Physical memory: 1011 MB
Dumping 67 MB: 52 36 20 4
Dump complete

/archive has no files in it as it is an empty filesystem. In fact, it's a seperate spindle from the OS disk.

fsck does not resolve the problem:

#> umount /archive
#> fsck -t zfs /dev/twed0s1d

and I've verified that the disks involved don't have bad blocks. Since the machine becomes non-responsive after the dump, I can't access logs or anything to see what happened.

Machine is using ASUS P2B-D mainboard (dual 500Mhz PIII Intel), with a 3ware 7000-2 raid card. The 3ware has 2 Maxtor 200GB drives in a RAID-1; these would normally be mounted as /archive. The volume is empty (no files).

Google shows lot's of people having similar problems with zfs, but no solutions that I have found yet.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Dept. of Pediatrics
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University of Washington
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