Hello FreeBSD gurus,

I recently had the pleasure of trying to recover a failed RAID1 array.  It
consisted of two 120GB disks in mirrored configuration.  Both drives have a
ton of bad sectors, so bad that the 3ware RAID card stopped recognizing that
there was a mirror at all.  Having no other options that I could think of, I

excellent hardware - designed to PROTECT ;)

pulled the drive with the one with the least read errors, directly connected
it to ATA bus and used GNU ddrescue to make a disk image with only about 7
read errors.

Neither fdisk nor bsdlabel can read the disk image.  I wonder if there's
some funny data at the beginning of the hard drive the 3ware card used for
RAID configuration?  If this is true, is there a way to search for the
beginning of the real fdisk data and lop it off to make a possibly valid
disk image?


dd if=image bs=128k count=1|hexdump -C|less

and look for it :)

at MBR sector you'll see probably something at the end like this:

00000190 46 0a d0 e3 00 5e 05 28 46 02 77 88 c3 52 65 61 |F.##.^.(F.w.#Rea| 000001a0 64 00 42 6f 6f 74 00 20 65 72 72 6f 72 0d 0a 00 |d.Boot. error...|

for bsdlabel it's easier it's "WEV" and first 3 bytes.

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