On Wednesday 26 February 2003 9:25, someone, possibly Darryl C Price, typed:
> I see a lot of message traffic on the net from people, like me, who are
> having problems with PAM authentication via LDAP.   Why don't you guys
> focus on delivering a pam_ldap module that works without a lot of
> jumping through hoops?
> =Darryl

Darryl, I think -dev or one of the more sepcific lists would be a better 
place to ask your question, -questions is mostly support.

The standard answer though is that people can't focus on one thing all the 
time, I'm very certain somebody is already working on a better pam_ldap 
module, but since FreeBSD is developed by volunteers in what little free 
time they have, these things will take time, unfortunately.

I think Bill Paul answered this question rather well in -current and -net 
earlier, Bill writes:

> Not unless it's something I can fix using easily available resources.
> I can't easily drop everything and slap together a test setup with
> exactly the right software and hardware I need to debug everyone's
> particular problem. ("This bug only occurs in -CURRENT as of 30
> seconds ago and on an UltraSPARC 10 with 16 if_dc interfaces and
> I need you to fix it _NOW_ pleasepleasepleaseI'llevengiveyouahandjob.")

While that is a slightly different context, the same principle applies, 
things take time. :-)

Perhaps you should submit this as a PR sothat it can be asigned to a group 
of developers.


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