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> Greetings,
> I am recommending a FreeBSD solution to replace an old business "file
> server".  The old server is running Windows 2000 Professional, and the
> company has grown from the 5 employee setting to now two floors and
> approximately 15 - 20 people.  They were starting to get connection errors
> to the Win2K machine, as I believe, without the Server version of the
> software, file sharing and maps are severely limited.
> Anyways, my question is thus:  In setting up a FreeBSD machine and utilizing
> Samba to support "standard" file sharing, is there any caveats or issues
> that anyone perceives?  I've done multiple FreeBSD installations, and
> utilize the Samba package to provide file sharing support in other small
> businesses, but have not had to consider 20 connections at once.  The
> network connection is just a simple router to switch, all gigabit, and the
> system I'm recommending to use as a server also has dual gigabit network
> ports.
> As well, if anyone has any web-links to recommended reading, I would greatly
> appreciate them.

Replacing Win2k (especially the Pro version) with FreeBSD on the same
hardware will give you a boost right there. If you have newer or more
capable hardware as well, you should be well ahead of the game.

http://www.samba.org is your best bet for reading. Pick your country,
then on the left side of the main page is a section called 'learn
samba' - the 'Official HOWTO' and the 'By Example' links should
provide all you need.

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