Warren Block wrote:
> Looks like scan_ffs is reporting block size.  I'd take a spare computer 
> with a blank disk and do a minimal FreeBSD install on it, setting the 
> units to blocks in the partition screen and duplicating the values given 
> by scan_ffs.  Then connect your read-only image media and dd to each 
> partition, using dd's skip option to skip over previous partition data.

OK, I can see how that would work.  I don't really have a spare
computer/drive to muck around with though, at least not easily.  If I can
work directly on the disk image that would be much better.

Could I fix the bsdlabel on the disk.img and mount it with mdconfig?
I noticed scan_ffs can output a bsdlabel config file.  Something like:

# scan_ffs -sl disk.img > disk.label
# bsdlabel -w -f disk.img auto  # write a fresh default label
# bsdlabel -e -f disk.img  # and load in scan_ffs output
# mdconfig -a -t vnode -f disk.img -u 0

If that looks like it might work, should I fsck the disk image before or
after mounting with mdconfig or not at all?  Do I risk kernel panic without


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