> My firewall log is flooded with this message:
> [date and time]churgeon /kernel: ipfw: Deny UDP 
> in via ed1
Ports 67 and 68 are used by DHCP. If you get your IP address
from a DHCP server, or you are serving or using DHCP on this
interface, you will need to leave them open.

> When I run sockstat, I see that dhclient is listening for udp 
> packets on port 68:
> root   dhclient    62  4  udp4   *:68         *:*
> Attached is my ipfw ruleset.  I'd like to know if I need to allow 
> these packets (if they're required by dhclient, etc.).
> Just in case, I've attached natd.conf and rc.conf, as well.  
> Thanks for any help.
Thats what we are here for.

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> Joshua Lokken
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