The main app is MySQL. I don't think it is running, but can't really
tell unless I can log in.

I have backups, and while NYI is trying to get this box running, I'm
setting up a new database server, just in case...

If you were lucky having the guys at NYI login to single user mode at the console and run fsck in an attempt to clear up minor file system damage would have squared things away. MySQL is not real happy if there has been fs
damage to the underlying files and their .bin logs.

However, not being able to log in to a basic service like SSH is not good. Whether or not MySQL wants to come up SSH should still be working. In the end the guys at NYI are probably going to have to do a full system load and
restore the last backup, and/or replace defective hardware.

I have seen old hard drives in RAID arrays that had perked along for years show no hint of any problem. Power down the machine to do something like blow the dust out or stick in some more memory sticks and it won't come up again. Had I not powered down it may have happily run a while longer. I have seen drives fail like this before, especially when they are fairly old. At
this stage you can only emit SIGH and replace/rebuild.

But if the NYI guys are responsible for providing you with a running system the onus is on them to get it going again, at least up to a certain point. After that you would need to pick up and carry the ball the rest of the way.

Okay, so the machine is back online and I can log in again.

The hardware is only 18 months old or so... good quality stuff, so hopefully nothing is physically damaged. We'll see...

Unfortunately, mysql isn't working at the moment... will make a backup of data (I have the previous night's backup, of course, but would like the latest, if possible.) Then will try to figure out what's working and what's not.

-- John

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