Modulok <> wrote:
 > I'm looking for a confirmation on the order:  When setting up a (root
 > partiton) gmirror+geli, what is the propper order? e.g: gmirror the
 > disks and THEN initialize geli on the /dev/mirror partitions? Is this
 > correct?

You can also do it the other way round.  Both ways are
possible and have different advantages and disadvantages.

I think most people install gmirror first and put geli
on top of it.  The advantage of this is that it's more
efficient, because data passes through geli only once
for encryption when writing to the mirror.

If you install geli first on both disks and then put
gmirror on top of both geli instances, all data has to
be encrypted twice when writing to the disk (for reading
it doesn't make a difference), so it is less efficient.
However, this setup has the advantage that gmirror will
correctly detach one drive when its geli instance detects
data corruption (if integrity verification is enabled).

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