Robert Huff wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme writes:
 > > > >  I'm not sure why there's so much depenencies, but if anyone wants
 > > > >  me to post it, I want to know.
 > > > 
 > > >         Because OOo declines to re-invent the wheel?  Some of these are
 > > > easy to understand if you know almost nothing about programming -
 > > > the fonts for example.  Others, like cairo, pango, expat, and CUPS,
 > > > are established libraries for dealing with things like text
 > > > input/rendering, graphics, and printing.  "gtk" is the GUI tookkit.
 > > >         What I don't understand is things like pciids-20090224.
 > >  
 > >  It's required by hal.  About half of the dependencies seem
 > >  to be Xorg-related things (fonts, libraries, protocols).
 > >  There are also dependencies for supporting various graphics
 > >  formats (png, jpeg, tiff) and scripting languages (python,
 > >  perl).  Well, it all adds up.
 >         So it's not just things that OO depends on directly, but things
 > those programs depend on, /ad incipio/.  That's ... confusing.

Well, package dependency is a transitive relation (in fact,
it's even a transitive closure).  So if you ask for the list
of dependencies for a package, you'll get a list of _all_
packages required to run it, which also includes indirect
dependencies, because these are required, too, of course.

I don't think it's confusing.  It would be confusig if it
worked in a different way.

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