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Tim Judd writes:

 I don't understand the "months/years" or "weeks/days" symptom of OOo.
On my dual-core system at work, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @
Took about 4 hours. It only seemed to utilize only 1 CPU... my
 top always said <=50% CPU usage
        For comparison: on a P4/2.26ghz/2 gbyte RAM, lightly loaded
with fairly fast SCSI disks, it takes 30+ hours.

                                Robert Huff

        Sorry if this is getting old.... .

I'm running two desktops, one 2.8GHz, this one 2.4. Both with "only" 1G ram. I useemy hardware pretty intensively, not lightly
        loaded, and building a full-blown OO takes at least three days.
        ---This is when I've got plenty of space.  With fewer than  5G
        disk, forget it.  That's why I want my next computer to be not
        only powerful but with diskspace to burn.

just got done compiling ooo3 devel on 1.4 gz pentium-m. I think it took less than a day, 512 ram, nothing else running.

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