Chris Whitehouse <> wrote:
My suggestion is to start with a ports tree that is fixed in time.
Make that ports tree available as part of this package system and
compile a typical desktop set of ports ...

Isn't this exactly what is currently done as part of a release?  The
ports tree is tagged so that a snapshot can be retrieved using csup,
and packages are built for publication on (for example)

It is but the difference in what I am imagining is the frequency which would be much higher than releases. And answering more than your question, the difference between this and the pkg_add system is that this is based on a fixed ports tree, whereas pkg_add is based on a rolling ports tree, so "

Granted this includes all package-distributable ports rather than a
"typical desktop" subset.

I know you wrote something else but I am too tired to respond or rather to read it properly tonight.


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