Valentin Bud wrote:
Hello community,

 I have built with a micro controller a system of power plugs that can be
controlled through the serial port.
I have 2 plugs that i can start/stop and check the status of them. This is
accomplished by sending different
letters (eg. A/W) to start/stop one of the plugs and another set of letter
for the other plug and one letter
to check the status.

 Taking into account the fact that my C skills are almost 0 how complicated
would be to write a program
so I can control that micro controller through the serial port. Or is there
some kind of program that can
read/write from/to the serial port from the command line. I don't want an
interactive program like minicom,
just a program that connects and send a command (a letter in my case) to the
serial port.

 Why not minicom (or any other program like it)? My goal is to be able to
start/stop the plugs using a web interface.
I have tried using minicom and background it but when i log out minicom
closes. If minicom is started i can
send commands to ttyd0 with echo, but i can't read anything from serial.

 Now back to my original question, how hard/complicated will it be to write
a C program to control the micro controller
through the serial port.

 Of course on FreeBSD :).


There are some things here which might be useful

see lampd, lampgui and An 8-output solid state mains-switch. It's all pretty old but then so are serial ports :)

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