On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, Dave Stegner wrote:

I am venturing into Mysql.  I am trying to install it from the port, 5.1.33.

Simple question:

Immediately after the start of make, you are presented with a list of

Are those options selected by entering them on the make line like:


Yes.  Note however that test in most cases is only for the *existence*
of the argument, so WITH_OPENSSL="yes" is the same as WITH_OPENSSL="no";
If you don't want WITH_OPENSSL, don't use the argument at all.  Obviously
there are a few which actually use the value like WITH_XCHARSET.

It will pay to learn to read Makefiles well enough to see what arguments the
Makefile accepts and what it tests them for.  In this case you will see
that most arguments are tested only for defined.

Many ports give you a nice interface to set options and remember some
options for future builds.  You can set these by running make config.
But no joy with mysql.

Sorry for such a simple question but, I searched and could not find

In most cases the defaults are good.  Unless you are already familiar with
the application and know what you want and why you want it, it is generally
best to leave the defaults alone.

Lars Eighner
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