On Tuesday 07 April 2009 21:54:13 Boris Samorodov wrote:
> Hello List,
> I need to create a list with some valid values and check an input
> value. Should this makefile work?
> -----
> LIST=f8 f9
> all:
>       @echo USE_LINUX=${USE_LINUX}, LIST=${LIST}
> .if empty(LIST:M${USE_LINUX})
>       @echo The value is invalid
> .else
>       @echo The value is valid
> .endif
> -----
> % make USE_LINUX=f8
> USE_LINUX=f8, LIST=f8 f9
> The value is invalid
> -----

Doesn't work because the match is not on words of the list but on the full 
list and you're not using globs.
Aside from Giorgos' method, one might consider:
LIST=f8 f9

.for _VERSION in ${LIST}
.if (${USE_LINUX} == "${_VERSION}")

.if !empty(LINUX_VER:Minvalid)
        @echo "Invalid linux version: ${USE_LINUX}"
        @echo "Using linux version ${LINUX_VER}"

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